PubMed ID 26621669 日付 2016/Feb/
タイトル Tissue-specific regulation of flowering by photoreceptors.
ジャーナル Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS  2016/Feb/  73(4)  829-39 
著者 Endo Motomu M,Araki Takashi T,Nagatani Akira A
抄録 Plants use various kinds of environmental signals to adjust the timing of the transition from the vegetative to reproductive phase (flowering). Since flowering at the appropriate time is crucial for plant reproductive strategy, several kinds of photoreceptors are deployed to sense environmental light conditions. In this review, we will update our current understanding of light signaling pathways in flowering regulation, especially, in which tissue do photoreceptors regulate flowering in response to light quality and photoperiod. Since light signaling is also integrated into other flowering pathways, we also introduce recent progress on how photoreceptors are involved in tissue-specific thermosensation and the gibberellin pathway. Finally, we discuss the importance of cell-type-specific analyses for future plant studies.