PubMed ID 28626037 日付 2017/Jun/
タイトル Autopolyploidization, geographic origin, and metabolome evolution in Arabidopsis thaliana.
ジャーナル American journal of botany  2017/Jun/  104(6)  905-914 
著者 Vergara Fredd F,Rymen Bart B,Kuwahara Ayuko A,Sawada Yuji Y,Sato Muneo M,Hirai Masami Y MY
抄録 Autopolyploidy, or whole-genome duplication, is a recurrent phenomenon in plant evolution. Its existence can be inferred from the presence of massive levels of genetic redundancy revealed by comparative plant phylogenomics. Whole-genome duplication is theoretically associated with evolutionary novelties such as the development of new metabolic reactions and therefore contributes to the evolution of new plant metabolic profiles. However, very little is yet known about the impact of autopolyploidy on the metabolism of recently formed autopolyploids. This study provides a better understanding of the relevance of this evolutionary process.